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My name is Elma Levy.  I am a Leadership, Life Skills and Wellness Coach, with an extensive background as a business executive , business mentor and healthcare provider.

In addition to my experience as a coach, my successful Entrepreneurial Business career, my extensive HealthCare background as a nurse and a Nurse Practitioner, my work as a Business and Lean Start-up Mentor, and my personal experience with career and professional role transitions, provide me with the unique well-rounded skills and tools to work with you in your journey toward personal, professional and physical strength!


My Coaching Philosophy

Our lives consist of many different, and often competing, areas of need.  A disruption in one area causes an imbalance in other areas of life, and we need to adapt. I understand this, and, because of my diverse background, I am uniquely qualified to work with you to uncover your strength so you can tackle challenges and grow into new circumstances. My goal is for you to be stronger and more resilient because of our work together!

Whether you are retired, in career transition, a business leader, a start-up entrepreneur, experiencing physical and/or personal obstacles or encounter challenges that cause you to feel stuck, we can work together to discover new options and untapped potential.

You have the strength and resilience already.....let's uncover it and put it to work for you! 

My coaching philosophy is centered around the belief that you have it in you to make the changes and adaptations that will get you to where you want to be…. You just need someone to help you visualize it and realize it!  My mission and passion is to have a positive impact on you!.… work together with you on building personal, physical and professional strength.

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Walk & Talk

You've heard that sitting is the new smoking! Research shows the health risks associated with a sedentary (sitting) life style.  So why sit and talk? If you like to be on the move, join me for a walk...

My ‘Walk & Talk’ program is designed to give you the ‘two-in-one’ benefit of physical activity while engaging in a coaching or mentoring session.  Our sessions can be at any location of your preference within a 10 mile radius of Bethesda. We will walk at your pace, for the duration and distance you feel comfortable with. 

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Business Mentoring

Just as a baby is not a small adult, a start-up is not a small size large company; with the right guidance and structure, however, a start-up will become a mature and thriving organization.  Each phase in the cycle of growth comes with unique challenges and requires a different leadership style.  From start-up through rapid growth and into maturity, I have lived through each phase, and I can work with you and share my experience.  From scaling your organization, and building a stable foundation to support growth, to identifying the right team for each phase and transitioning of people into, and out of, roles, why not work with someone who has been there....

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Going from where you are to where you are simple terms, that's transitioning.

Transitioning can be a wonderful and exciting process, or a painful and negative one.  What is almost always true is that it's both exciting as well as frightening. 

Think about it :

  • Retiring: finally!...but now what?

  • New job: great opportunity....but will I be successful?

  • New career: exciting....but where do I start?

  • Changing role: better for the organization...but where does this leave me?

I have been in all these transitional situations, and then some...and it was exciting and scary every time, all a once.  One lesson learned is to not allow transition to happen by default, be deliberate about where you want to be...

Let's talk about it and work on your transition strategy!



Leadership Coaching

As you and your organization change, the demands on you change.  Whether you are in a leadership position, and want to grow in your career, or your environment around you demands adaptation.

As a Leadership Coach, I work with clients on developing strategies to meet the changing demands and developing roles within their careers and organizations. 

My background as an entrepreneur and business owner, and a graduate of the GMU LCOW program and the Harvard CE Leadership Coaching program give me the experience, the skills and the tools to work with you inside or outside your organization.  Perhaps you realize that  you are not functioning at your potential, or you are not sure what your next step should be, or  something is holding you back from advancing in your career....

let's explore it together and see what your options are.  Through skilled Coaching you will discover new options and a different perspective.



My extensive background as a nurse (BSN, MSN) and a Nurse Practitioner, combined with my training and experience as a Life Coach, leaves me uniquely prepared to support you in your journey towards a healthier and stronger you!  Are health challenges preventing you from living a life of Well-Being?  Do you want to introduce lifestyle changes?  Let’s work together to unleash the strength and resilience you have in you to make it happen.  My approach will be to help you visualize outcome, set attainable goals, create a plan of action, and support you in your road to success.

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Sometimes you just feel stuck or overwhelmed…….

Whether you are uncertain of your direction, or you have multiple options and you are not sure which way to go, or you might not see any options……. you need someone who can help you clarify, untangle, visualize, and find options you don't think you have.

As a Life Skills Coach, and a graduate of the Life Coach Institute of Orange County, I am experienced in asking you the questions that will lead you to realize your options, question your perceived limitations, discover new directions and visualize a path forward.

We will work together to define that path and develop the strength and resilience for you to walk that path

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Elma Levy is one of the greatest strategic minds and executive coaches I’ve met. Since founding my company in 2013, Elma has coached me on all areas of business. Our sessions included contracting with the federal government, business structure, leadership development, review of financial statements, business development, process review and improvement, goal setting, and organizational maturity.

Without Elma’s insight, wisdom, and true understanding of what is necessary to be an executive, I truly believe my organization would not have achieved what it has to this point. Her coaching is invaluable and has developed me into the CEO I am today.
— John R. Duda, CEO, Summit Exercises and Training
Elma is a fantastic mentor. I am always looking forward to our conversations. She brings a unique perspective to our company. Her mentoring is to the point and Elma is keenly aware of the importance of the human side of things when managing a business and business relations.
— Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen, PhD, Founder & CEO, Organizing for Innovation LLC
My coaching experience with Elma came with perfect timing. We are a new medical practice and as a CEO / Medical director I came across many issues at the administrative level of running the business. Elma Timed the coaching perfectly, we set our goals early on and followed them as we engaged on other issues that came up along the way. Elma asked the right questions that helped me navigate, and encouraged me to think outside the box enabling me to achieve these goals successfully. She is focused, organized and showed great empathy. I have walked away from our sessions with new ideas that will effect my approach for many years to come
— Efraim Kessous MD MPH, CEO, Montgomery Medical clinic
Thank you for your counsel and the experience of considering another perspective.
— Michael S. President/CEO Smith & Sons, LLC
Elma has been a great asset to our company, The Compost Crew. From working through team issues to thinking through strategic decisions and developing compelling proposals, Elma’s advice and support has been invaluable. Working with Elma was an absolute privilege and she has certainly added untold value to our organization.
— Ryan W., Co-founder & CEO, The Compost Crew
Elma was our business team mentor and we couldn’t have been more fortunate in learning from such an experienced, yet compassionate executive. She quite rapidly assessed our team dynamic and identified member strengths and growth areas.  In Elma we found a leader who genuinely cared about our team’s development and success, and never hesitated to leverage her expansive network for resources to help us achieve that end. She’s among the best.
— Mike Canty, Co-Founder & CEO, Armament Research Company

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  • In -person sessions are held in Tysons Corner or in Bethesda

  • Telephone/Skype sessions are available

  • Walk & Talk sessions are at a mutually agreed location.

Please contact me using the form below, or call or email me directly using the information on the right. I will provide a free 15 minute consultation call to ensure that our partnership will be a good match.

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